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At A-1 Tree Service, we take care to provide our customers high quality service at an affordable price. Our professional team has been taking care of the Syracuse and CNY areas since 1998 and we pride ourselves on being an affordable, professional and reliable business that you can trust to get the job done for you.
Although tree removal is a last resort, there are circumstances when it is necessary. A professional can help decide whether or not it should be removed. It is recommended for trees when:
*Dead or dying
*Considered hazardous to nearby structures
*Crowding and causing harm to other trees


A-1 Tree Service can prune your trees to promote healthy growth which increases your property's value and beautifies the tree's appearance.

Selective pruning of a tree is a highly skilled endeavor that must be performed by trained professionals. We remove all dead, diseased, fractured and crossing limbs to reduce the hazard of falling limbs and the chance of rot and decay. 


We also offer stump removal and grinding. Make your landscape beautiful by removing those ugly stumps from your yard. Unsightly stumps detract from the value of your house and may also cause accidents. In addition, stumps, if not removed, can become a home for insects such as termites, wasps, and bees.